There’s a lot of talk lately about earthy palettes, warm tones and natural materials in decor. One particular material may have caught the zeitgeist of the 70’s. Terracotta has made a comeback in decor. Its texture, color, and history are only a part of the appeal and is so familiar to us that it somehow counts as a neutral element, while still bringing a sense of character. Since everyone is moving over from plastic/steel to things that are natural and organic, terracotta fits right into new spaces.

Unveiling The Terracotta Army

The word ‘terracotta’, is an Italian word that translates to ‘baked earth’. It is the preferred medium for sculptures, given its thick and malleable texture, making it easy to mold. Terracotta goes all the way back to 24,000 BC and the most famous use in art was the Chinese Emperor’s Terracotta Army – a collection of over 8000 soldiers and 520 horses, found in Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s mausoleum. Another factor for its widespread prevalence in history is its easy availability across continents.

If you’re considering bringing clay into your home, you’ll be excited to discover the unique designs, patterns and shapes you can create with it.

Warm Welcome

terracota potted plants for indoors

The simplest way to incorporate terracotta is to use them as pots in your garden. While a plain pot may bore you, it could turn into an interesting DIY project! It comes with many advantages, the most important being the fact that clay is completely natural, airy and has thermal properties which are an added benefit for the plants.

Surface Style

terracota surface tiles for garden

Because the trend is about introducing cozy and natural elements in your home, move over from glossy tiles to terracotta. It isn’t just easy on your eyes, but will also be a great transformation for your interiors. The rich, earthy tiles are going to make heads turn.

From Pottery To Jewellery

While terracotta has been around for a long time, it had made its mark in jewelry only recently. With a little bit of meticulous planning, you could make a fashion statement at your next dinner party by reflecting the vibes in your space. Terracotta earrings are also pretty easy to make.

Be it jewelry or indoor tiles, terracota is a natural way to bring in some earthy goodness into our homes. If you want a professional home interior decorators to make it happen, we are just a call away!