Let the light in through the crack

2017 was all about “hygge”, the design trend where simple interiors were infused with comfort. This year, it’s time to invite “wabi-sabi”, a Japanese inspired trend, into our homes.

What Is “Wabi-Sabi”?

Wabi-Sabi has been around since the 15th century, and is about finding beauty in imperfection, and should be considered as more of a guiding principle than a trend. It requires creating deep connections with all things natural and encourages you to enjoy the simple things in life.
Each word has its own meaning. Wabi refers to peace or tranquility fused with simplicity. People who savor what they have and don’t crave for much else are often described as wabi. It was used to describe the monks in Japan in the 14th century because of the calm and simple life they led.
Sabi, on the other hand, is described as chill or peace. It mostly applies to objects, but can easily be extrapolated to a person as well. It has its roots in the Buddhist teachings about imperfection and an acceptance of that time and existence.
Since this philosophy emphasizes on the natural, it’s no surprise that decor calls for natural products. You don’t have to go all in and become a “wabibitos”, but you could start by imbibing some of these principles in your interiors.

All Things Natural

Although the trend is about natural materials, it is imperative to choose authentic, handmade goods over mass-produced products.No matter where your aesthetic choices lie you can incorporate these materials in your decor. For example, use more sustainable materials like bamboo and wood instead of tiles, whereas adding terracotta will go a long way in creating a Mediterranean theme.

Love The Imperfections

MWabi-Sabi is miles away from the perfection of minimalism, but it has its perks. This trend also has a strong connection with the Japanese tea ceremony, where the cracked china and faded glaze of teapots are revered. With that in mind, feel free to let that broken plate remain unglued or learn to find beauty in the leather sofa that is showing signs of ageing.
Though the concept is to discover the charm in imperfections, it is important to find the thin line between wabi-sabi and losing your design to everyday clutter. It may vary amongst individuals, but you’ll be sure that aesthetic choices always remain meaningful.

Keep It Simple

With this trend, simplicity is everything. Once you have an idea of how you would like to design your home, the next step is to think about how you’ll go about putting it all together. After you’ve decided on what you want in your space, focus on the layouts. Prioritise form and function, and allow your furniture to converge on a focal point. Don’t just point everything at the TV! Also, when you consider accessorizing your space, pay attention to items that have a purpose. A bowl of potpourri or a tray of carefully curated coasters can liven up a simple coffee table. Not to forget houseplants, as they add a hint of rawness to a space.