Kids’ Room: Disarray to Decor

If you’re a parent, you know how often it is that you find your kid’s toys scattered all over the room. And it doesn’t stop with their room – books in the kitchen, broken crayons in the dining, and dolls in the bathroom. Organising your child’s room can make you go bananas, given the number of things they have!
So, how do you organize it all, and make the room look presentable too? Read on to know how.

Bedside Organizer

bedside organiser for kids room

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Most kids can’t sleep without their teddy bear or superhero toy in their hand, and these end up strewn all over the room in the morning. Put an end to this by fixing a handy bedside organizer, which is simply slipped between the bedding and the cot, to store your child’s books, toys, diapers, creams, etc.

Layered Storage Rack

layered storage rack for kids toys

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“10% playing, 20% losing pieces, and 70% screaming every time you step on one” – this would be the perfect way to describe playing with legos. Kids love legos, but their moms, not so much. A layered storage rack is an apt solution for those sneaky buggers. Sort and label them based on color, so that they are easy to find later. What’s more? You can also teach your child to understand colours in the process!

Magnetic Wall Mount

magnetic wall mount ideas

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Would you like an art-meets-storage installation in your kids’ room? The formula is simpler than you can imagine – display your kid’s endless collection of matchbox cars on a magnetic knife rack mounted on the wall. Voilà! You have created a fun, dramatic look with something that would have ended up in a box otherwise.

Floating Frame

floating frame ideas for kids room

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For a grab-and-go book corner for your little one, make use of the awkward wall space and turn it into a mini-library. A floating frame or spice rack can be affixed on a wall or door, within your kid’s reach. This way, they can pick up their favorite storybook on their own for a private reading sesh.

Bath Toy Organiser

bath toy organiser for bathroom

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Are you tired of carrying your kid’s bathtub toys back and forth the bedroom and bathroom? Put together a bath toy organizer by placing a shower rod on the rim of the tub, and adding small baskets using curtain shower hooks. Keep all the bath essentials in one place with this easy hack that uses things you find around the house.

Accessories Holder

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Every house has a Barbie Queen. Hang a shoe or accessories holder behind the closet door to have Barbie, Ken, and all her friends neatly sorted. You can even sew one yourself if you have dolls of different sizes. Additionally, this doll organizer can also hold extra socks, clothes, and accessories, if required. If you think that finding all these storage equipments is out of your league, use the services of best interior designers in Chennai.