Interior design styles for your home

Whatever your interior might be, it mirrors who you are. And if you’re trying to add to its unique style, then you needn’t look beyond. Here are a few decor styles to imbue your very presence into the interior of your home!

Shabby Chic

shabby chick


If you’re the kind of person who loves pulled together and carefree, then Shabby Chic is just the style for your decor. Choose one of the passive wall colors from palettes  to elevate the decor of the shabby chic ambiance. Palette can consist of Lily White, Dream Linen, Malibu Bonne Bleu, Taupe Treasure etc. Also adding vintage tables and wall hangings made of distress wood with mix-and-match accessories like pouffes, throws etc further accentuate the look. And finally a touch of natural elements like planters (cactus) and fairy lights are the perfect cherries on the top!

Nautical Nostalgia

nautical themed bedroom

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If you can’t go to the beach, bring the beach home! That’s what Nautical Nostalgia is all about. Hues of Azure, Cerulean, Cyan, Iris, Indigo, Liberty, Navy blue etc, are perfect wall shades for this style. Use coastal inspired furniture and accessories like anchor wall hangings, shell-based wind chimes and sea print cushions. These will completely transport you to the sea and back at the comfort of your home! Reach out to home interior designers in Chennai to style your home with a bewitching sea-side theme.

Traditional Indian

traditional indian interior design styles

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Traditional Decor is still in style as homeowners opt for this to simply nestle in the sensation of tradition and culture. Bright flamboyant colors of mustard yellow and red will lift the central aura of the house. Accentuate these walls with Madhubani paintings and handcrafted Dhokra wall arts to give it that touch of tradition. Adding religious accessories and torans will perfect the look. If you would like to amp it up a bit, then a Jhula (lacquered teak wood swing) would be the final, yet awe-inspiring furniture to revamp your home!

Minimalist Decor

minimalist interior design style

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If you’re thinking minimalism is emptiness, then you’re wrong! Because Minimalism is making “empty” look pretty! Therefore giving tangibility to something as intangible as space is the whole point of minimalism. And thus you can achieve that with one single piece of large furniture like a sofa or a large painting which animates the space. Also find ways to let in natural light with bare windows! Large mirrors are also perfect for this look..

Basically Bohemian

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Bohemian style is basically for those who think out of the box. Unconventional. Defying stereotypes. This style is fresh. It’s authentic and mind-boggling. A simple base, with botanicals, is the classic way to do it. Monochrome carpeting with brick wall accents really elevates this look. Accessories like dream catchers, feathers etc add the right touch of magic to this free-spirited style.

Transitional Style

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The perfect melange of the traditional and the contemporary is the Transitional Style. Keeping it minimal in terms of furniture, adding colors that inspire a serene atmosphere, like cream, subtle pink etc is the way to go. A quirky chandelier often sets the tone for transitional decor. The addition of a hearth tops the look. But in the lack thereof, a rock-based wall with a protruding stand is an ideal substitute.
So basically your interior reflects you. Perhaps it’s a little quirky. Perhaps it emits exuberance from every nook and corner. Or as Hugh Grant says in Two Weeks Notice, perhaps it’s “A little rough around the edges but beautiful, nonetheless”. Connect with interior decorators in Chennai to incorporate these design styles in your home, your interior will surely be the talk of the town!