How to use mosaic at home

Mosaic has been used as a decor element since time immemorial and is irreplaceable by any other craft. While most connect the art of tesserae with floors, we are here to show you that it looks just as good on your walls, floors or any other fixtures.

Mosaic in Living Room

mosaic for living room wall decor

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mosaic wall decor ideas

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You don’t have to pad up every hard corner in your living room. Instead, you can simply replace hard, wooden furniture with soft pouffes. Eliminate sharp edges with smooth pieces. For example, rounded ottomans are popular alternatives to hardwood coffee tables.
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Mosaic in Bedroom

You can add a sense of allure to your bedroom by interspersing your flooring with mosaic. We recommend using it to create pathways or differentiate between different parts of the room.
If you are thinking about using it for walls, there are two things to consider. The first, and perhaps the most important is the placement and selection of the wall, and the second is the pattern, shape, size, style, and fractal of mosaic you would like. For example, create a wavy pattern with shades of colors that will add a simple rustic charm.

wall decor using mosaic in bedroom

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wall design ideas for bedroom

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Mosaic for Bathroom

Symmetry illustrates a sense of harmony and balance! Use two or three colors and create an exciting pattern. You can use them around your mirror or in your shower to add some pop and balance it out with a shower curtain.

mosaic tiles for bathroom walls
designer mosaic tiles for bathroom

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Another option is to use mosaic as a counter around your sink to create an enchanting appeal.

Mosaic for Living Room Walls

It is easy to overlook the possibility of doing more with your living room than just hanging a frame or laying wallpaper. Since it is the one space that makes the best first impression, it is probably the ideal place to have a mosaic wall. If you are a creative person, this can be a great DIY project for you!

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For Kitchen Wall Decor

Contemporary kitchens are starting to make more use of an old-time favorite of a backsplash.
While modern preferences lean towards one large slab of marble or granite for a countertop, these materials can get a little boring. Spruce up your kitchen and add a dash of fun with some mosaic options, and add character to your high-end home.

mosaic tiles in kitchen

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