How to make your bathroom safe for all ages

If you are building your dream home, you want to make sure it ages with you – like fine wine. And this applies to all the nooks of your home, including the bathroom. How do you make your bathroom safe for everyone in your family? Here are some expert designer tips to get you oriented on it.


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The better your bathroom lighting, the lesser injuries or slips that put you out of action. There are plenty of lighting options from recessed lighting and lamps to those set on vanities. Always maximize natural lighting regardless of your combination of choices. Therefore high windows are a good means of accomplishing that.

Slippery Floors No More

A smooth, slick tile is not your best friend in the bathroom. Confide in textured flooring which has high slip resistance. Porcelain tiles are another option known for their sturdiness and endurance. Consult interior designers in Chennai to build safety and wellness into your bathroom

Set The Temperature Safe

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Setting a safe temperature range for your water heater can help prevent that startling burn from hot water. This is especially useful if you are living with children and aged parents. If you want to set one up in your bathroom, there are plenty options. For example, anti-scald thermostatic and pressure-balanced valves are available in market for this purpose.

Grab Bars For Grip

Grab bars placed around the shower and along the walls of the bathroom provide support for easy navigation. They also double as towel stands and racks. There are interesting variants in the market from chrome to oil-rubbed bronze,.

Install A Shower Bench

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Installing a shower bench can help soothe the strains of the elderly. It could be built-in or stand-alone, with waterproof seating designed for comfort. Long baths and reflections are made easier, as you can now sit and take it slow.

Walk-In Bathtub

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With a walk-in bathtub, you don’t have to climb over the edges anymore. Hence you can make it work for people of all ages by fashioning a doorway for easy entry,. One just steps into the tub when dry, and drains out the water before stepping out.
Therefore good design is built to last. It addresses aspects of safety, sustainability, and durability. So reach out to best interior designers in Chennai to build yourself a safe and sustainable home.