How to choose the right chimney for your kitchen

Chimneys were originally intended to be an installation of utility to eliminate fumes. But chimneys have now also become an aesthetic element in the kitchen. Buying the right chimney can be confusing. Hence we have broken down what exactly you need to look out for.

Cuisine & Filters

chimney filters

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Think about the kind of food you prepare on a regular basis. Because oil and spices, being typical of Indian cuisine, can lead to an accumulation of grease. Hence Baffle filters are most suited for this purpose. Also the multiple curve structure allows for suction, without being bogged down by smoke particles.

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Chimney Mounting

How you mount your chimney depends on the room’s layout. There are 3 basic types of mounting.

chimney mounting ideas

Wall-mounted Chimney

wall mounted chimney ideas

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This is the most common fixture, wherein the unit is directly above the stove or hob, and is mounted on the wall.

Built-in Chimney for Modular Kitchen

A typical modular kitchen in Chennai has the Chimney structured within the woodwork of the kitchen wall.

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Ceiling-mounted Chimney

Island kitchens with the cooking-top in the center have this type of chimney hanging from the ceiling, directly atop the stove.

ceiling mounted chimney design ideas for modular kitchen

Suction Power

You have to factor in the room size and the equipment’s suction capacity (cubic metres per hour), to determine the right fit for your kitchen. Here’s some quick math: a space with dimensions 3 m x 4 m x 2 m has a volume of 24 m³. That multiplied by ten, 240 m³/hr – gives you the basic recommended suction power for your kitchen. Bigger kitchens usually need one with a capacity ranging between 650-1000 m³/hr.


Ducting systems are used to channel filtered air back into the room, or to flush it out, depending on the installation. Also Ducts can be costly to install, but they translate to lesser maintenance costs, higher suction efficiency and better performance over time.
When it comes to kitchen chimneys, there are endless options to suit your needs. For example, noiseless split chimneys are popular with folks who don’t want the constant din of the motor.
Give this Chimney Selector Test a shot, to get started!