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When it comes to choosing the right décor for your home, window treatments can often be overlooked. Get it right and your windows can pull your room together, creating one seamless living space. One of the best ways to determine the window treatment that works for you is to think about their functionality. Are you looking at enhancing the aesthetic appeal, or creating a cozy space for a midday siesta? Here are a few pointers on how you can choose the right fit for you!.

Window Blinds

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Wooden – When it comes to blinds, faux wood is our favourite! It goes with almost every décor theme, is affordable and easy to maintain. Faux wooden blinds are durable and don’t rot or fade, making them the perfect option in places with high moisture and humidity.

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Panel track – If you like a large glass window, panel track blinds promise to be your best friend. It is a functional blend of vertical blinds and drapes and you can use a variety of materials from basic vinyl to natural woven wood.

Mini – This is arguably one of the most pocket-friendly window treatment options. Mini blinds work best if you are looking for ways to create privacy and control the amount of light that enters your space. They come in different colours and materials, and you can customize the thickness of your blinds to suit your requirement.

50 Shades For Windows!

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Wood woven – When you think of wooden accents, window treatments may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but wood woven shades complement most decorative styles. With many finishes to choose from ranging from bamboo to ebony, you can choose the right material based on how much privacy you would like.

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Honeycomb – Honeycomb shades get the name from little pockets of cells that are woven together to keep your room temperature at serene levels. The pockets of air keep your space cold during sweltering summer days and toasty during winter. If you have little children or pets at home, this is the safest bet as it comes with cordless options.

Roman – If you are looking at a rich and regal finish, it doesn’t get better than roman shades. With an array of fabric and material options to choose from, it acts as a panel when closed. Also it can seamlessly blend into any décor style.

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Roller – This is perhaps the most straightforward of all window treatment options in the market. Simply put, the shade turns into a cylindrical rod when it is raised. You can choose from several fabric options like blackout material to linen and a myriad of patterns to complement your décor. You can add your personal touch to your space with a custom photograph on your shade.

Shutter Designs

These are a bold décor statement as well as a functional window treatment option. Shutters are classic and sophisticated and can protect your space from extreme heat and cold. You can also use shutters to soundproof your space and control the amount of light that enters your room.
If you are wondering which window treatments are best suited for your requirements and décor, schedule a consultation with the best interior designers in Chennai today!