Headboards you’ll fall head over heels in love with

Headboards are essentially the statement accessory of the one place you can retreat to after a long day’s work, your bedroom. There are headboards for all kinds of tastes – laidback, eclectic, contemporary. Really, there’s plenty of options for every style you can think of. Here are some we can’t stop fawning over.

1. Rustic Refuge

rustic headboard design for beds

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This inexpensive panel crafted out of fiber-wood gives an artsy vibe to the room, perfect for the DIY heart. Make sure your bed frame is in a similar colour palette, so it integrates well. You can mount it on the wall, a couple of inches below your bed level.

2. The Bohemian Retreat Headboards

Bohemian headboard designs

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If you are the kind of urban soul who appreciates the influence of art and exotic aesthetics in your furniture, this teakwood piece is right up your alley. Heads up, you will have to do a good deal of cleaning and maintenance, to take care of this beauty.

3. Sophisticated Sanctuary

sophisticated headboard designs for king sized bed

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headboard designs for queen sized bed

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If classic wooden pieces are your scene, then this chevron-pattern board would go well with the rest of your room. It creates a stylish focal point, while also being utilitarian, in that it’s pretty sturdy.

4. Comfy Recline Headboards

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If there’s one reason why headboards are awesome, it’s that they make comfortable recliners. This fabric piece, that can be tied to a shelf, is adorable and nifty. Keep in mind that the cloth will need regular cleaning, to keep it dust and pest free.

5. Modern Opulence

modern headboard designs

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This embellished panel is quite unconventional, suited for the more daring home decorator. You can also consult interior designers for home in Chennai, who can revamp your bedroom to your style.

6. Functional Luxury

luxurious headboard designs for bedroom

A board fashioned out of foam cushion is a magical union of luxury and practicality. Natural oils from hair leave stains on the head-rest, and therefore some materials are better suited for easier maintenance. If you’re using fabric cushion, take care to clean it regularly.

latest headboard designs for bed

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elegant headboard designs for master bedroom

7. Themed Escape Headboard Design

If you have a penchant for make-believe, why not go in for something like this magical peacock-themed frame?
That’s our round-up of some of the best headboard designs out there. Here’s hoping we have inspired you to dream up a headboard of your own!