Climate change is upon us as the sea levels continue to rise and the CO2 concentration increases. But there is a silver lining in the form of global agreements between nations to do their bit. However, true change begins when we ensure our collective habitat is life-affirming. As a brand that is invested in creating and enabling lifestyles, we, therefore have the opportunity to implement positive and sustainable practices.

So we always present our customers with eco-friendly options. Here is one such option that tops our list of recommendations – HDHMR. It is one of those rare materials that are economical, yet sustainable.

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How is HDHMR made?

High Density High Moisture Resistance is upgraded plywood that offers greater durability. No trees are felled to produce HDHMR wood as it is entirely made from forest wood waste, agricultural waste, fiber chips, and peeled eucalyptus trunk. The wooden and fiber chips are combined through a homogenous construction process. Then it is pressed together using a special glue pressing technique to form high density hardwood. To know more, get in touch with Home Interior Designers in Chennai.

The process gives HDHMR its unique advantages in comparison to plywood. The tightly bound bonds in HDHMR yield water resistance and keep it termite free.Therefore this makes it suitable for moisture prone spaces in the home. For example kitchen and bathroom shutters, and outdoor fixtures, where plywood would begin to peel off in layers. It’s also a great material to use in tropical climates such as ours.

Since it is made in accordance with ISI standards, this durable material is also flexible.So this means fewer compromises on design ideologies. It has a smooth finish and glossy luster that add an aesthetic appeal.As the climate crisis begins to disrupt lives world over, the onus is on each and every one of us, as individuals and institutions, to educate, and promote sustainable practices in our everyday lives.

Hope we have managed to ignite your curiosity on the topic of sustainability. If you want to learn more, then reach out to the Interior Designers and adapt a greener lifestyle.