Wood you rather?

When it comes to choosing the right hardwood types for your house, there are plenty of factors to consider. Is it for functional purposes like flooring and cabinets, or are you using it as an aesthetic addition? To a novice, all hardwood types may look the same, but there are intricate differences that make one more suitable than the other. We take you on a crash course on the three popular hardwood types– teak, mahogany, and rosewood.


With an opulent golden-brown colour and a straight grain texture, teak has been a popular wood choice with interior décor experts all over the world. In addition to its visual appeal, it is also extremely durable in comparison to its alternatives. Here are some reasons to consider using teak in your home:

teak wood drawers

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  • With proper care and regular maintenance, teak furniture can last over 100 years! You are more likely to see antique teak pieces than any other kind of wood.
  • The wood releases a natural oil that makes it impervious to wood destroying pests like termites and insects. This can significantly increase the lifespan of your furniture, not to mention the money you save on pest control.
  • In addition to being pest resistant, it is also insusceptible to water and moisture damage, making it a good option for outdoor furniture. This also means that teak will not stain easily and can be used for your dining table or in the kitchen.

While there are several compelling reasons to choose teak, here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge:

  • With the forest cover fast depleting, the supply of natural teak wood in forests has reduced. This means that you may have to pay exorbitant prices for authentic teak.
  • Genuine wood is hard to identify, without a trained eye. It also requires a great deal of research and knowledge to source.
  • Since teak is so durable and expensive, it is difficult to work with – only trained and experienced workers with high-quality tools can work on it.   


Rosewood gets its name from its distinct and beautiful smell of roses. It lends a palatial look to any space. In addition to a great smelling house, here are a few reasons to consider using rosewood in your home:

rosewood center table

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  • Unlike teak, rosewood comes in many different textures from moderately coarse to uniformly textured. The colours can range from deep brown to lighter shades with a mild purple tinge.
  • The multitude of patterns and colours make it an incredibly versatile type of wood that can be used from floorings to furniture.
  • It can be easily sourced from many areas globally, making it accessible and pocket friendly.


Mahogany is arguably one of the most valuable wood in the list, especially in areas with high temperatures and humidity. It is light and solid without compromising on its beautiful appearance. Here are some compelling reasons to choose mahogany:

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