While designing a home, different thoughts and suggestions pave way for attention. But the vital portion is to bring the warmth that each one desires. Interior designing is the combination of the elements of clashes but still pursuing its unique identity. Either shadowing the messy features or enclosing the predictable components is the other option.

Beatnik fashions or Bohemian way of designing is being carefree; incorporating the unusual and blending of styles, colours, patterns, and materials. The word “Bohemian” comes from the French word- gypsy and it applies to those who possess unconventional (usually artistic) ideas. Bohemian interiors are full of life, culture, and interest that embraces things that are relaxed and sometimes, unusual. Patterns and colours which are usually opposite in nature adopt a sense of flowing liberty in decor choices and can be associated with the eclectic style.

To manifest the different ideas of art, style, and culture, varied cushions, fabrics, musty furniture and classic articles can be blended together. Decorative accents are proudly displayed and are not hidden away. Boho interiors may share similarities with other spaces, but no two rooms are completely alike. Furniture within in bohemian space would be generally collected over time. This design style of furniture is rightly fitted by secondhand and vintage items. Each piece of furniture is special and has a unique story to express.
Warm, earthy shades are common in bohemian decorating, but that does not manifest there is lack of colour. Colour is a huge part of this design style, and the earthy tones, such as brown, terracotta, and gold, merely set the stage for the layers of colour to occur. The center stage is usually taken by Jewel tones, fiery oranges, and electric blues.

Boho style mixes and matches different textures and patterns like area rugs, hanging tapestries, and layers of throws. The patterns used in this design are immense and has no rhyme or reason for its existence. Tribal paintings, drawings, and vintage styles are just a few ways to describe the type of patterns found on fabrics and accents in this design. As this style is closest to nature, the use of plants is more compared to furniture. Plants in the form of ferns and hanging flora improve the air quality and add vibrancy to the ambiance.