Fun ways to use the dead space under your stairs

If Harry Potter can live under a staircase, imagine the amount of space in your home that is going unused! From using it as a workspace to retrofitting a bar or creating a cozy storage unit, there are multiple ways you can put this area to use.

Rack Them Or Stack Them

After a long day, there is nothing better than kicking off your footwear and relaxing. A bench seat wedged under the stairs with a wicker basket beneath will ensure you never have to trip over your shoes again. You’ll also have a place to sit comfortably while you wiggle your stilettos off.

walk in pantry under stairs

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A Walk-In Pantry Under  Stairs

Haven’t we all wanted an enormous pantry that can fit supplies for the whole family? With a fresh coat of paint, a few extra shelves and boxes, you can have your own sneaky late night snack spot.

home office under stairs

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

A Home Office

Working from home is great, and if you are someone whose job is flexible, having a study is important. It’s tough to be productive on a couch or a comfortable bed. So, carve out a small office corner under the stairs and add some quirky elements to make it your own.

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Fancy A Mini Library Under Stairs?

Does the idea of having a little reading niche excite you? A mini library with multiple shelves is the perfect way to showcase your book collection. Throw in a lamp stand and a comfortable chair, and read your way into magical stories in foreign lands.

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Netflix And Chill

If the space below your staircase faces the living room, you could turn it into a napping corner. It’s especially a win-win if it faces the TV! This lends the perfect setting for your next Netflix marathon. If you are having people over, it can also double up as an additional sleeping space.
Why waste space when you can do more with it? Get started on transforming the space under your stairs.

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