How To Find Your Balance With Feng Shui!

What began as a philosophy to create a better home, has traversed the annals of history and withstood the test of time. As a popular doctrine, Feng Shui has even found its way into design and architecture schools. The ancient Chinese art refers to a careful observation to balance physical environments, promote harmony, instill a sense of well-being. Also to improve every aspect of life from health, wealth, relationships, and career.

Feng shui works on 3 main principles:

  • Chi – The goal of chi is to always keep the energy flowing and to maintain a positive flow in the space.
  • Natural Element – Feng Shui balances natural elements like fire, earth, metal, water, and air, to create positive energy.
  • The Bagua – A map that indicates the flow of Chi in every home.

The goal of Feng Shui is to harmonize and align the invisible forces that bind the universe and humanity together, known as ‘qi’ or ‘chi’. Today, the concept of Feng Shui points to a contemporary, practical approach for arranging objects within a particular environment to encourage good chi.If you are just beginning to explore this ancient, Asian belief, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Water Fountain For Indoors

indoor water fountains

As the primary representation of wealth, water can bring a sense of fulfillment. Placing a fountain at the entrance to your home or in the foyer is highly recommended by many proponents of Feng Shui. With small water fountains abundant in the marketplace, you could bring home one with a little garden spot. Also create a mini replica of Niagara Falls to ensure wealth is ever-present in your life.

Place Furniture Right

place your furniture right way for more ventilation

The flow of air in your home may seem like an easily manageable aspect of design. However, it’s one of the salient points of Feng Shui to create an easy path for air in your home. When you walk around your living room, try to feel the air around you. If there doesn’t seem to be much flow, move your furniture away from the windows, even if it is just a couple of inches.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall – To Reflect Energy

mirror on the wall to reflect energy

Image Source: Pinterest

Mirrors are often used to reflect energy into other areas of a home, but you do not want to bounce the energy back out the door. It is called the aspirin of Feng Shui as any home that doesn’t align with the principles can still adapt. This new flow of energy can bring a sense of refreshment and calm.

Buddha For Good Luck

buddha for feng shui balance

The presence of Buddha delivers instant peace of mind. When you have a busy, hectic lifestyle it is essential to focus on creating peaceful energy in your home. And what better way to create a calm and meditative space than with the presence of a Buddha statue?

Art For Energy

An aesthetic evolution in your home or office space is always a welcome change. Luckily, art holds a prime position in Feng Shui. When choosing pieces for your room, make sure the art fits your needs. For example, a bedroom or bathroom should have an artwork that is both sensual and calming. Family rooms and offices can have art that is filled with bright and vibrant colors and images, to boost activity and engagement.

Remember that it is no rocket science to follow this method. All you need is a simple, tranquil, and clean lifestyle to reflect your goals and vision. If you are still not convinced that you can pull this off yourself, contact the home interior designers near me today!