Divide & Conquer: Room Partition Ideas for your Home

Whether you want to compensate for the openness of your studio apartment, or maximize the utility of your space, room partition is a simple, yet an artful way to accomplish that. From traditional wood carved dividers to open shelf room partition, there are plenty of options in the market! Here is a look at how you can incorporate these room partition in your home to maximize the functionality of your room.

The Open Shelving Room Partition

open shelf room partition

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We like this artfully crafted shelving that demarcates the living room from the dining space. The colours and shapes give it the look of a gallery…a tasteful showcase for your art, books, and gifts. This type of multipurpose shelving is also ideal for your study.

The Kitchen Partition

kitchen partition ideas for studio apartment

Walls in a studio apartment can hinder the flow of light and make the space appear smaller. However, wooden panelling allows you to apportion spaces and yet keeps the intent of a studio apartment alive. The extended wooden counter and railings mark off the kitchen area in a manner that is neat, yet easy on the eyes. The use of different tiles for the floor and backsplash further differentiate the space. If you would like to remodel your kitchen to get the most of it, get in touch with the best interior designers in Chennai.

The Functional Way

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The corners are your friend when you live in a studio apartment. Pushing your bed up to the edge and elevating it can add storage options and help declutter. A small set of steps and wood panelling leading up to the bed, also adds a layer of dimension that creates the illusion of different levels, and also affording much-needed privacy.This design provides ample storage space through the built-in closet. The panelling and ceiling light fixtures make the room look lighter and spacious.

The Green Way

This creative living room idea is perfect if you love a slice of nature in your space. It not only adds a breath of fresh air and colour to your living room, but it also has a relaxing effect on your mind. Apt for those who are not looking to spend big bucks, or do not have the time to remodel the space.

Order In The Chaos

room partition designs

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What do you do when you live in a studio apartment but love playing host? Be smart about adding seating, art, and accents, to make your space look larger than it is. In this layout, the wooden beam divider is limited to a small section of the space. But, together with the false ceiling, lighting, colour scheme and carpeting, it distinguishes the kitchen area from the living room.If you want to create a separate zone in your living room for dining space, this is one of the best ways to go about it.

The Unusual Way

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Dividers need not always be about increasing functionality. They can also be something that breaks the monotony, like this clever piece of interior decor.

The Entrance Atrium

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Offer your visitors a view other than your entire apartment when they walk in. You can use the console in this kind of partition, to store keys, footwear etc., which you might need when heading out.

The Rope Partition

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Ropes are a cheap and extremely effective way to divide any space. The thickness of the rope and tightness of the pattern determine how rustic, or contemporary your space looks. We hope you loved these creative hacks as much as we did. With these practical design tips, you can get the most out of your studio apartment, or living room space. Consult interior designers in Chennai to build your home your heart desires.