Designing a Shared Kids’ Bedroom

Kids are spontaneous and inventive. As parents and primary caregivers, we need to make sure we design spaces that embody and nurture these qualities in them. A shared kids’ room should help foster bonds while making room for each child’s individual self-expression and discovery.
Here is what some interior designers in Chennai suggest you keep in mind when designing a shared bedroom for your kids.

Make The Most Of Storage


Wall shelving frees up floor space for activities and play. Custom benches/beds with built-in storage units keep the space tidy. Kids can personalize their units using colourful washi tapes. Wall hooks for hanging clothes, bins for toys and books also keep clutter off the floor

Make Room For Play

Cozy common spaces foster bonding. Loft beds, bunk beds, and teepees are sought after aides here.


This fun bedroom has a makeshift bunk bed loft that can host all manners of slumber parties. A ladder leads to a loft area, wide open to imagination. The bucket tied to a rope helps send goodies up and down.

bunker beds design idea


This neat twist on the familiar bunk bed opens up a shared space – a nest for play, reading, and other bonding activities. A makeshift teepee can also serve as a fun hangout space or a reading nook.

Personalize Spaces

With a unified bedroom theme/colour, you can customize individual sections of the room with different furniture, cushions, mats, curtains and wallpapers. Choosing neutral colours will not only help you revamp the room with ease as your children grow, it will also keep gender biases at bay. Your kids can have their pick on the colour, pattern, and theme for their respective zones.

shared bedroom ideas for kids

Image Courtesy : Pinterest

While each child has his/her own demarcated space, a functional design ensures that both/all children have equal access to common resources such as a shared study table, bookshelf, bathroom, and balcony.

wall mounted study table for kids


This wall mounted cabinet doubles as a desk. Kids can put up photographs, craftworks and other projects here. Compact and foldable, it can serve as a fun project area.

No Compromises On Privacy

An open shelf can be used as a divider to create a private space for each child. It is also easily and equally accessible. Curtains and sliding doors are other alternatives.

shared kids bedroom designs


A good design rule of thumb for kids’ rooms is to choose elements that are adaptable. Be original and improvise as you grow along with your children. We all get nostalgic about our childhood room, don’t we? Some of the best interior designers in Chennai are just a consultation away. So, let’s make it count for our children!