Designing a His and Hers home

Gone are the days of compromise where one person has to put up with the taste of their spouse. Now,for modern day couple, it is all about being unique, in separate ways, yet coming together in design heaven. If you’re looking for decor ideas for modern day couples like yourselves, our home interior designers in Chennai have rounded up some. Here’s  the best ways to showcase not only your creativity, but also that of your spouse!

Coming Out Of The Proverbial Closet

bro cave and babe cave

Anyone that’s a fan of How I Met Your Mother knows about Barney’s notorious Bro-cave. But, caves aren’t just for men anymore! Babe-caves are a growing phenomenon, where you can relax and unwind by yourself, or with your friends. With thematic bar accessories and classic looks for men, and chic and stylish designs for women, these Bro and Babe caves are a hit for any modern-day couple!
Bringing what’s Hers and what’s His together has never been easier. But if you prefer to leave it to the best interior designers in Chennai, schedule a consultation with us today!

Bath, Bath, And Beyond For Modern Day Couple

double vanity mirror in bathroom

Let’s not take couple’s fights to the bathroom. Instead, you can install double basin vanity units, to ensure that bathroom time is peaceful. If you’re running out of space, you can alternatively have separate wash-stands. Add individual accessories like towel rails, cabinets, and soap dispensers to complete your bathroom ensemble. Colour coordinated His and Her rugs can elevate the touch of elegance.

Working Alone Together

couple working space

Image Courtesy : Pinterest

The growing gig-economy means that a home-office is an essential part of your lifestyle. Even if you’re not working from home, your very own home-desk can give you space to file your paperwork, and add ambience to your work calls. If your desk space is restricted to a corner, you can use a single large coffee table and sit on either side to separate your workspace. However, with a little more room, you can transform the study from something monotonous to that thing magical.