2020 Design Trends for a Pinterest Worthy Home

In a survey conducted by The Real Estate Conversation, 76% respondents considered the style of their home to be an important factor in determining their happiness. If you are someone who is style-conscious, looking to make a statement with your home, this guidebook is for you.
According to ‘Pinsights’ (Pinterest reports based on user behaviour), here are the design and style trends that make up a Pinterest worthy home in 2020.

A Rad Coffee Table

coffee table design ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

Virtually every living room on Pinterest has a stunning coffee table that grabs all eyes. And let us tell you a secret. It’s all in the styling!
To get yourself a cute Pinterest-y coffee table, all you need are a few coffee table books, candles, and a flower vase. Here are some pro tips. Choose books with vibrant covers, or classic black and whites, depending on the colour palette of the room. You could use a tray to corral an assortment of curios. Go creative in your choice of tray. Options range from mirror bottomed to metal inlays.With just a few minor details, you can have a coffee table that is quirky and eye-catching.

A Brilliant Bookshelf

Image Source: Pinterest

Secondly, bookshelves are all the craze in Pinterest town.
This is one of the areas where your personality truly shines. So, don’t be shy to show who you are, and what your tastes are. You could introduce potted plants between different sections to break the monotony of the books. Spruce up the look by laying decorative objects, art work, and photo frames. Mix and match. If you are not strict on classification, stack the books by colour, and make a statement art out of your bookshelf.

A Cozy Home Garden

Image Source: Pinterest

Flowers and plants can make your home look fresh out of a magazine. According to Pinsights, vertical gardens are all the rage, especially in urban homes which often run short on floor space. From balcony walls to room dividers, there are plenty of creative ways to grow a vertical garden. They not only save space. An edible herb garden is also economical.

A Window With A View

Image Source: Pinterest

A full length bay window or an alcove with a view can totally transform a place. They let in the much needed natural light that make a space Pinterest perfect. Add a couple of potted plants by the window sill to get that perfect pinned look.If you want to re-do your windows and let your home shine, consulting interior decorators in Chennai may be your best bet.

Furniture Talk

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Shell out some bucks to buy a statement piece and work around it by adding affordable, on-sale items, and a few antique finds. Move around your furniture to create spaces that are both aesthetic and functional. You could also add an element of surprise by putting a piece in an unexpected spot.With these style tips, a Pinterest worthy home is not far out of your reach. Reach out to the Home Interiors company  in Chennai to give your home a facelift now.