Dining room is where the family gets together to connect and share, be it a comforting weekday dinner or a leisure brunch on a Sunday. It is also where you play host, entertaining friends and family over dinner parties and impromptu gatherings. Whether you want an intimate hangout space for your inner circle, or a bold classy one that can wow guests, here are some doable design cues for dining room that can help you put your vision into action.

Speak Out With Statement Lighting

dining room decor

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Light fixtures are where you can have the most fun when it comes to home decor. They not only set the tone for the rest of your design but they are also the first things guests notice in any room. There is a spectrum of statement lighting fixtures in the market from pendants to chandeliers, spanning the modern and the classic.

This boldly modern statement chandelier goes well with the natural yet elegant urban feel of the space. You can go crazy whimsical and choose one that captures your personality, all quirks and twists included. Don’t forget to complement your centerpiece with accent lighting that highlights specific points such as murals or bar carts.

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Accent Walls And French Windows For Dining Room

An accent wall is meant to jump out at its audience. It’s ideally right across the door, the first wall you see, as you walk into a room. This is where you go bold with metallic wall paints, or catchy murals and accessories. It is also the best spot to display your family photographs. Home interior designers in Chennai can help you create an eye catching accent wall for your dining room.

A refreshing alternative is to open up a French window on the wall face like this Scandinavian design which is organic, minimal, and rejuvenating to the mind and senses.

Accessorize Dining Room Artfully

From DIY mid-century bar carts, decoratively lit glass bottles, to painted pine cones, this is an arena for creativity and improvisation.

dining room accessories

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Mix and match accessories from diverse and eclectic styles. Go retro, or contemporary, or blend different time periods. But, make sure there is a unifying theme, colour, or pattern to all your design elements. Balance aesthetics with functionality

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Get Picky With Your Tables And Chairs

Choose a design that suits your vibe and purpose.

Are you looking for a cozy set up like this one? This is the millennial take on dining. The intimate design and earthen tones of the table and chairs, together with the abundant greens and natural lighting, make dining here a breezy private affair.

Or, would you rather go for an elaborate regal space? Plush and modern, you can host both formal dinners and informal meet ups in this luxury dining room.
Consult interior decorators in Chennai to build just the kind of space you desire and make your dream home a reality. Make it count. Make it memorable.