Beginners guide to the perfect home bar counter

Whether you are a bonafide bartender or just learning to appreciate the spirits, a fully stocked home bar is something every adult should have. Think Carrie Bradshaw with her Manhattan or James Bond with his martini, and the feelings of awe and wonder they invoke. Here are ways you too can have a Sex and the City-esque bar!

The Vintage Appeals

home bar cart

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A bar cart is a timeless classic and the perfect addition to your décor! It works especially well in a chic home with a little nook or a corner. Not only is it a dedicated space for your liquor and tools, it is also warm and inviting for guests to walk over and mix their own drinks.

Pro tip: You can enhance the visual appeal of your cart by organizing your drinks, glasses, and mixers neatly. Stowaway the less frequently used tools or drinks in the pantry to give your cart a clean and rich look.

A Contemporary Twist

Why go looking for space when a console table or a credenza does the trick? Transform your furniture into a bar by topping it off with a tray. If you have a lot of bar tools, this is the best option as you can stow them away in the console drawers when you are not using them.

Pro tip: Corral your mixers, bottles, and glasses on your table, but also leave space for small décor elements. This will ensure that you don’t dilute the functionality of your console or table!

home bar trolley set up ideas

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home bar trolley

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Subtle And Suave

If you are a connoisseur of the spirits but don’t have a dedicated space, you can transform any surface or shelf into an ad hoc bar! You can spread your bar over smaller pieces of furniture by placing your spirits on one tray and your glasses and bitters on another.

Pro tip: Surround the area with wall décor or paintings so you take the focus away from the bar tools. This will subtly ensure that the central focal point of the room is not your bar!

Wet Home Bars Are Cool Again

home bar designs

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If you want to go the whole nine yards, you can install a fully functional wet bar in your home! This will give you the best opportunity to sharpen your mixology skills and whip up some mouth-watering cocktails.

Pro tip: Install a sink in your wet bar so you don’t have to leave the bar every time you want clean glasses. Keep a towel handy and place a small trash can in the area to have a setup that is bound to impress.

If you still think you need a home interior professional hand to set it up, we are just a call away!