Bedside tables for every type of person

Are you looking for a bedside table that fits in with your room and lives up to your style? Here is a list you wouldn’t want to miss!

Simple And Elegant

simple bedside table

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This trim and prim nightstand come with a smooth glass top and a curved brass metal finish. Contemporary in style, it is a simple bedside companion that doesn’t take up a lot of room.

Country Roads

This 2 piece trunk set doubles as a bedside table while allowing sizeable storage for bedding, towels, and night wears. With metal handles and locks, accented by glossy shades of beige, this one brings with it a rustic charm. It is certainly a good fit for the nostalgic travelers out there.

The Minimalists

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Are you a minimalist? Then this novel wall mounted bedside fixture can be that perfect addition to your bedroom. Just like the Room of Requirements in Hogwarts, this compact and creative stand serves many purposes, with plenty of room to improvise.Therefore, as a minimalist bedside table, it is a true reflection of your personality.


This elegantly carved side table set can brighten your room with its light colour and fluid design. Nesting tables are functional and can help you neatly lay out your bedside essentials. The bold regal floral patterns add a royal look to the room. Home interior designers in Chennai can help you fashion a room that truly speaks your character.

Bohemian/For The Free-Spirited

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This unique bedside unit comes paired with a simple boho style pole fixture you can repurpose/fashion to suit your mood. Hang up lighting or a basket of goodies, or both. Hence this is suitable for the free spirited.

The Functionalists/Utilitarians

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Appropriate for those who want to do more by doing less. This nightstand literally goes the whole length to accommodate a lot of your things while taking up very little room space. Simple and functional, it is a versatile bedside stack with minimal design.
If you are inspired by our list, you can reach out to interior decorators in Chennai to tailor one for you.