A foolproof way to choose the right wall colours

According to a recent Market Watch report, homes with an all-white scheme is perceived as clinical and impersonal. However, it is a safe option as many of us struggle with choosing the right colors for our walls. Get it wrong and the color will scream at you every time you enter a room; get it right and you will have a space you love spending time in!

Before you begin, how do you want to use the space? For example, you may want your kitchen to feel vibrant and fresh, but you want your bedroom to be calm and serene. So shades of orange, red or yellow work in the former, while blues work better in the latter.

red wall paint design for living room

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yellow wall paint designs for dining room

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How to get wall colors right?

The answer lies in layering – start with neutral colors, and carefully build on it with bolder hues and accents. Greys, caramels and sandy tones work best as a base color as they pair well with any decor theme!

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Contrary to popular opinion, dark shades don’t make space feel small. A chalky version of your preferred color can create the illusion of space! If you are looking to add a little quirk to your home, dark-hued walls will mute your loud decor.

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The shade of paint you pick may look different on your walls! A few swatches on a large board or card will give you an idea of how it will look in your room. You can also carry the cards around to test it under different lighting conditions.

While paints are relatively inexpensive, and you can paint it any hue you desire! Starting with harder to find items like rugs or furniture can give you the room of your dreams. A paint job is just a consultation away with the best interior designers in Chennai. Call us to schedule one today!