7 Mirror Ideas to Transform Any Space

Be it the enchanted mirror in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ or the Sheesh Mahal in Agra, mirrors have always been in vogue, across cultures. Smooth, bright and reflective, mirrors are the perfect addition to your home, be it in the living room, bedroom, or a hallway. So here’s few cool mirror ideas you can consider for your home.

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Idea #1 :

Bare and minimalistic, yet says a lot, doesn’t it? Nothing like tiny mirrors forming a pattern on your wall for a trendy wall decor.

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Idea #2:

The best part about using mirrors for decorating the interiors of your home is their versatility. Therefore you can either form an ornate pattern replete with wooden frames or keep it simple. This is because mirrors look good on your walls in any case.

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Idea #3:

Mirrors are an excellent choice when you want to play with lights and create an effect of contrast. Hence consulting best interior designers in Chennai can tell you all about positioning it right.

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Idea #4:

As an added bonus, these glossy accessories can also make your space look like one of the ‘great houses’ from Pride and Prejudice. Because all you need to feel like Mr. Darcy is the right mirror in the right frame. Thus the brass cord of this piece lends to the rustic mid-century feel.

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Idea #5:

Having mirrors right by your bedside makes your room look more spacious and much brighter than it is. Hence placing the mirror adjacent to a window further enhances the reflection of light inside, creating a positive atmosphere.
Pro-tip: According to vastu, a mirror should not face the bed at any angle

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Idea #6:

Tinted mirrors are a beautiful form of art that filter light and give a very serene aura to your room. Therefore trying them out in the dining room, especially if you enjoy hosting your friends and family at home would be a cool idea to consider!

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Idea #7:

Using mirrors on door shelves is a concept that has always been in trend. It is certainly an interesting metaphor for perception and what truly lies underneath glossy surfaces. Check out this utilitarian vanity shelf, that has a rustic minimal charm to it.

To sum it up

Mirrors are endlessly fascinating objects. Whether you like it simple and classy, grand and ornate, or whacky and unique, you can consult home interior decorators in Chennai to help you plug in this glossy accessory into your home decor.