6 décor ideas to make the most of your balcony

Traditionally, people built balconies to serve functional needs like increasing air circulation in hot climates, or to bring in natural light. But in recent times, balcony decor play an important role in adding to the aesthetics of an apartment.
Here are some tips to elevate your balcony decor, that would not just blow your guests away, but turn it into an oasis, where you’d want to spend more me-time. Hence you can consult some of the best interior designers in Chennai, to help you nail these ideas

The Plant Parent

hanging plants for balcony

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Decorating your balcony with plants and flower pots will bring in freshness and fragrance to your home, that is much needed in today’s urban lifestyle. Gardening is also a therapeutic exercise, and a set of 10 pots can be bought for as low as Rs.1000.
But there’s one thing to keep in mind while decorating your balcony is proportion. How much space can you decorate, based on the size of your balcony, whilst still leaving room to walk around?

The Romantic Balcony Decor

cozy balcony decor

If you are quite the romantic and enjoy spending time with your significant other at pretty outdoor cafes, this one’s for you! A chic two-seater set, with quirky throw pillows or blankets, should do the trick. Usage of weather-resistant and fade-proof materials, for the furniture and fabrics, is of utmost importance.Therefore Interior decorators in Chennai can custom-make patio furniture for you, to suit your space and style.

The World Traveller

zen garden for balcony

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This balcony, inspired by Japanese ‘zen gardens’, is for the minimalist soul. Up this with a bed of river rocks in the corner, and bamboo paneling against the railings. Also Bonsai plants and traditional low seating add a touch of posh to this already classy set-up.

The Weekender

barbeque on balcony

Dreaming of chilled-out brunches weekend, why not turn your balcony into a barbecue station. Also you can complete it with rustic picnic-style seating. We understand that private outdoor spaces are a rarity for those who live in an apartment. Hence this solution is especially perfect for those of you.

The Extended Living

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If you enjoy the luxury of a large balcony, turn it into a second-living for cozy conversations with close friends, and more importantly, reading time! This boho-themed décor balances rustic and classy like no other.

The Balcony Office

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These days, it is common for many to work from home, but it is very rare that one has dedicated office space at home. Creative and inspiring, this simple set-up works for both evening chai, and to get work done. So close the door and you’re even equipped to invite your clients over and take a meeting, without being disturbed by your family.
When it comes to a balcony or patio décor, it is crucial to use the appropriate materials.  The flooring needs to be waterproof if you’re going in for plants, furniture treated to avoid weather-damage or mold; and fabrics selected carefully to ensure its longevity. Therefore Home interior designers in Chennai will be able to guide you, to guarantee maximum and beautiful usage of your balcony space!