6 cool ways to decorate your table

The options are endless – table runners, books, coasters, plants and yes, even fresh fruits! In this article, we have laid down trending furnishing ideas for your table. Centre table, consoles, and dinner tables can be spruced up, with the simplest of decor.

Centre Table

Fruit Finesse

fruit decor on table

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A bowl of fruits placed on the centre table can add liveliness to the space. Therefore using fiery oranges, in contrast to the blue fabric of the table, is an inspiration for colour blocking. Alternatively, you can place a jar of lemons in water, or a tray of apples, as well.

Beauty In Botanicals

how to arrange plants on table

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Botanicals are a great addition to any room. Indoor plants and fresh flowers will definitely make your home more inviting. Hence this bunch of fresh pink carnations are a visual treat, and can be placed in clear glass, for a minimalistic appeal. Also if your living room receives ample sunlight, go for succulents in addition to fresh flowers.
Pro-tip: Terrariums are all the rage now. And the best thing about them? You can get your hands dirty, and make them yourself!

Side Table

Collector’s Casa

centre table decor ideas

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If your home is a collector’s paradise, why not display some of the collectibles on the side table? Because console tables are great to display statuettes and other curios. Also you can consult interior designers in Chennai, to have custom-built tables to suit your aesthetics.

Light A Candle

candle decor ideas for centre table

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We absolutely love the use of this white aromatic candle, against the simple oval mirror, adding a certain character to the corner. Hence you can do up the entire space, with other accessories, in a similar colour palette. Also in addition to looking pretty, scented candles are a sensory treat.

Dining Table

Running Along

running along dining table mat

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This mat runner inspired from South African sensibilities, is an alternative to the usual lace or cloth runner. Also you don’t have to worry about soiling the fabric, as the stains are easier to clean. Therefore, the setting lends a rustic and relaxed vibe to the room.

Glass Gazing

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A glass is a versatile material, and this contemporary glassware goes with most dinner settings. So this table dressing with white tulips will have us dreaming of Sunday brunches.
This is just a guide to get you started, feel free to mix it up according to your personal taste. So discoveries in the table decor space are practically endless!