5 Ways to Style a Big balcony

If you’re staring into the emptiness of the generous space that is your balcony, wondering how to walk the line between decor and clutter, we’ve got you covered. A big balcony is multifunctional and therefore an undeniably fun part of your home.
Here’s a question to help you get started: how did you imagine your balcony, the first time you saw it?

Get your ‘GQ’ on

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If you fancy yourself as a plant parent, then this is the perfect place to nurture your ‘Green Quotient’. Apart from potted plants, terrariums are a good idea. Home interior designers in Chennai can help you figure out aspects of drainage and protecting wall exteriors, for your very own wall garden too. Hence this is perfect for you if you’ve always wanted to grow your own coriander or herbs. Wicker chairs or small stools will complement the earthy tones, and offer a space to relax amidst nature.

Take the bohemian route

boheiman balcony design

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The balcony is where your flea market hauls can find a spot worthy of their charm.Since an antique trunk is somewhere between rugged and rustic, it can serve as both coffee table and storage, coupled with low seating options. Pepper the space with Terracotta statuettes and earthenware Urli pots for a more rustic vibe. If you’re not sure where to begin, consult Interior decorators in Chennai to get your dream bohemian alcove designed.

Take the party outside

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If your casa is the go-to party spot, surely you have plans for your balcony. You can create the perfect al fresco dining area, complete with a grill and countertop for serving food and drinks. String up fairy lights because they can make the balcony space warm and inviting.

Let the kids have a ball

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Get in touch with top interior designers in Chennai in order to design an area for your kids to play and learn in an open and safe environment. Choose artificial turf as a shockpad for the flooring, and top off the space with writing benches for some outdoor reading or homework time. Also ensure that your balcony is equipped with high railings, for safety purposes.

Make your own personal lounge

You can create your zen zone either buying a compact sofa or a long outdoor cot as they help you unwind. Interior decorators in Chennai can help you with the furnishing and upholstery, that would suit your maintenance and preferences too. Light some scented candles, pick up a book because your most coveted personal retreat is ready.
With all this being said, it is ultimately up to you to reinvent mainstream styles, to bring in quirks that are truly yours.