5 ways to keep your home termite free

For those of you who have discovered termites in the corners of your home and suspect there might be a colony, this column is for you. New homeowners discovering the essentials to make a livable residence, read on to know the steps you need to take against a termite infestation.

Termites In Holes And Cracks

termites in home corners

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Parasites are no small matter. Because these insects feed on wood, cardboard, chipped off tiles and other materials, spelling high financial losses. Spongy or perforated wood, cracks on walls and termite wings are dead giveaways. Therefore probe the area for damages and have them fixed right away, to prevent further deterioration. Also as a quick fix, termiticide can be sprayed in these areas.

Moisture Issues

moisture causing termite problems

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Keep sofas, tables, and furniture away from walls, because they tend to attract moisture from these surfaces.Also allow sunlight into the rooms, as much as possible. During monsoons, open the windows as soon as the rains stop, to ventilate the area. The dampness in the soil is favoured by termites, so make sure you don’t have any undisposed wooden debris or cardboard boxes lying outdoors.

Drainage Systems

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Leaking pipes, faucets, and dripping air conditioning units are conducive to the insect’s survival and must be repaired right away. Gutters should be kept closed, and water pipelines must not leak onto the wall or furnishing.

Wooden Furnishings

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Wood, that is in contact with the ground, is a sitting duck for these bugs. Make sure there is concrete or other material that acts as a protective surface. Camphor or naphthalene balls should be placed in nooks and corners of doorways. Neem and clove buds can be tucked into clothes shelves and kitchen cupboards, if you’re looking for something mild and chemical-free. Applying lacquer or varnish on fittings can prevent swelling of the wood.

Call A Professional

termite removal professional

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You can save a lot of money and trouble if you get your home regularly serviced by a pest-control agency. How often should you call them over? It depends. If you live in an apartment, once a year works. Therefore it is recommended that independent homes with gardens and exterior spaces are serviced 3-4 times a year.
The best interior designers in Chennai are the ones who promise not just aesthetic layouts, but also functional spaces that minimise chances of a termite infestation. Finally the key is to keep an eye out for any signs of parasites, and nip it in the bud!