5 Step Guide For A Sweet & Simple Bedroom Design Makeover!

Beautiful and tranquil bedrooms always seem to find their way onto Pinterest boards but rarely into homes. If you have been dreaming of recreating a gorgeous bedroom in your home, get started with this simple bedroom design guide from the best interior designers in Chennai, for a 5-step makeover.

Choose Your Style

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From Scandinavian minimalism to bohemian, or farmhouse chic to an urban, New York loft, there are as many styles of bedroom as there are people in the world. Choose yours based on the vibe you want in your space. If you aren’t sure what to opt for, see if these 10 dreamy bedroom interiors tickle your fancy. We also highly recommend this ‘What’s My Aesthetic’ quiz for an in-depth understanding of your unique aesthetic blend.

Remove Unwanted Fittings, Cabinets & Shelves

Do you have a shelf or two at home that was left behind by the previous owners or tenants? Have you fallen out of love with your old and rusty almirah? Don’t hold on to anything just because you came into it for free or because it’s a hassle to shop for furniture. Sell or give away the pieces you don’t use or need for your design and replace them with ones that would better suit your home.

Cover Up Old Floors

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More often than not, old flooring is an eye sore that hinders your aesthetic. Switch them out for a modern alternative like marble, porcelain, or ceramic tiles. If you can’t switch out your tiles, consider faux wooden flooring to give your space a polished and timeless look.

Plenty of Seating

minimalist furniture

People often forget that the bedroom is more than just a space to sleep. Some like to read in bed while others work or study. It’s also where you prepare for the day ahead. Therefore, aside from a cosy bed with soft bedding, every bedroom needs a sizable vanity with a comfy seat or ottoman and a full length mirror to get ready. A cushioned bench by the window can double up as a cosy reading nook as well as extra storage for your knick knacks.

Light Up Your Bedroom

While dark spaces are conducive to a good night’s rest, you’d still want a bright space for other times of the day. Ensure you have enough windows that bring in sufficient natural light. Use multiple task-oriented lighting such as a vanity mirror with embedded lighting, and reading lamps on either side of the bed. You can also take advantage of fairy lights, lava lamps and other decorative lighting to set the right mood

We hope these 5 steps help you take your bedrooms from bland to bespoke, but if you need any more expert advice or help, feel free to schedule a free consultation with the top interior decorators in Chennai.

Which of these tips are you excited to try out? Comment to let us know.