5 pocket-friendly ideas to revamp your bathroom

Did you know that bathroom can be designed to feel like an oasis of calm, amidst the bustle of your daily life? There are plenty of interesting ideas to work on, that can make this process in itself an enjoyable one.So in this article we have narrowed down 5 interesting and cheap ideas which can transform the look of your bathroom!


bathroom hooks

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Hooks are truly godsent fixtures in the home decor space. Use them to hang themed hand towels, that match the tiles, curtains, and accessories. Fixing detachable hooks can also mean more flexibility while rearranging the area. If you’re feeling artsy, why not hang up decorative paintings on the walls? Ps: Make sure you don’t put them up too close to the wet area; they might get damaged, otherwise.


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Mirrors can transform small spaces to seem bigger. This is apart from the accessory’s more apparent quality of being a utilitous addition to your bathroom wall. It is important that you go in for a mirror that is in alignment with what you have planned for the rest of the room. If you want a rustic vibe, don’t go in for an overly ornate mirror. A minimalistic look, for example, can be achieved using a simple round mirror with a thin frame.


bathroom rug

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Bathroom mats don’t have to be boring. In fact, the kind of bath rug you choose influences the mood palette of the space, as the eye is drawn to this colour block. Consider maintenance aspects, when you’re going for more decorative or light coloured mats. Thus mats with anti-skid bases are ideal for families.The interior designers can help you find best ones for your bathroom if you are having trouble finding it yourself.


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Repainting your bathroom is surely a cheap way to uplift the look.The color of your  paint influences your mood. Hence it is important that you choose the right color. You can however use different textures to mix up the look. By using tiles and wall paint of same color in different shades, you can surely create blissful bathroom interiors.Some of our favorite shades for bathroom paints are charcoal, bright white,taupe,brown etc.,

Bathroom Accessories

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Soap dispensers, countertop dishes, and mason jars are accessories you can play around with. The style and finish of these items can help complete the look for your bathroom.
You can consult interior decorators in Chennai to design a beautiful, yet low maintenance bathroom, that is sure to brighten up a dull morning.