5 Features of a Senior Citizen Friendly Bathroom

When it comes to the elderly, the bathroom remains a major danger zone. This is because it accounts for almost 80% of injuries and falls within the house. Therefore if you have ageing parents at home, you may want to consider redesigning your bathroom to accommodate their special needs.

Here are some ways to make sure your bathroom is comfortable and safe for the senior citizen members of your family. If you want to implement these ideas in your home, reach out to the best interior designers in Chennai right away.

Slip-Resistant Flooring For Senior Citizens

slip resistant flooring

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Go for textured flooring as opposed to smooth glossy tiles, to avoid bad falls in the bathroom. Porcelain is slip-resistant and is a popular choice. Also another easy way to prevent slips is by laying out suction mats on the floor. Suction mats can be placed at the entrance of the bathroom, the shower exit, and by the toilet.

Grab Bars

Install grab bars by the toilet and the shower to facilitate easy movement. You can play around with the choice of material and colour, to bring aesthetics into the whole exercise. From chrome to bronze, there are many options in the market. Therefore strategically placed grab bars provide support for those who have trouble with balance and mobility.

Spot And Wall Lights

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A single overhead light for the entire bathroom will not work for you if you have senior citizens at home. Therefore make sure there is ample lighting in the bathroom by setting up wall lights and spotlights in separate zones. These zones can be the shower, washbasin, entrance, and the loo. From vanity light bars to sconces, there are plenty of choices for you to pick from for your senior friendly bathroom.

Adjustable Toilet Seats

Raised toilet seats provide a lot of relief for orthopedic patients who may find it hard to sit down on a regular seat. Hence toilet seat risers are useful in such cases, as they can be attached and removed, before and after every use. Also, they come with handles for support for senior citizens

Zero Threshold Showers

Climbing over a threshold into a shower or a bathtub is a sure challenge for senior citizens. Hence a zero threshold shower, on the other hand, allows you to walk right in and is easily accessible to people using walkers or wheelchairs. So your shower space becomes larger to accommodate the splash zone. Additionally, equipped with shower chairs, grab bars, and resistant floors, it offers comfort, mobility, and accessibility.Therefore these design considerations eliminate accidents and provide a degree of independence, enabling elderly folk to take care of themselves.

Reach out to home interior designers in Chennai to design a home that is safe and comfortable for every family member.