Pegboards are no longer unique to retail outlets and warehouses. They are making their way into homes, and we couldn’t be more relieved! Here’s how to use these pegboards creatively.

Handy Utility Pegboards

pegboards design ideas

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Pegboards are versatile, you can use them to furnish a corner or a wall. Hence this fixture would go perfectly with your work desk or children’s study table and ensures that the items are handy. So no more getting off your chair, forgetting why you walked out of the room in the first place! You can now have a fully equipped workstation. Finally if you love cooking up delicious treats and want a leafy companion, hook up a houseplant in a sunny corner of the kitchen.

Foyer Fittings

foyer pegboard ideas

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Why not explore the possibility of having pegboards without making permanent holes on walls? This keyholder in the foyer is just one example of boards, pegged to a wall without drilling nails on the surface. Therefore you can discover the full range and options of these kind of pegboards by consulting a home interior designer in Chennai. Because they can identify combinations of materials and frames, which are ideal for your needs.

Custom-Made Functionality

custom made pegboard ideas

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We can’t help falling in love with this piece, that doubles as a serving side-table and shelf! What’s unique about this is its pegged sliding door, which can be used for hanging cutlery or a hand towel. Therefore, Kitchens that open out to the living room make for great spaces to have an accessory like this.


pegboard ideas for bedroom

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You aren’t dreaming. A pegboard that serves as a headboard in your bedroom is very real and practical. Also you can reach for your favourite book for a night read, and just as easily put it back. Hence you should know that pegboards can be imagined and reimagined to express your personal style.

Artsy Mode Pegboard, On

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Here’s an idea for those of you who want to drive up the design quotient a notch. This panel mounted on a wall can be used as a surface to hang art pieces and paintings. In fact you could dedicate an entire wall of your living room or any space of your choice, to create and display artistic works.
Therefore pegboards are truly godsent in a world where spaces are becoming smaller, and the list of household items is only getting bigger!