4 mistakes to avoid while planning your home interiors

If you’re in the early stages of doing your home interiors, we are glad you’ve come here at just the right time. Or if you’re just looking to revamp the home interiors, we’ve listed down a couple of aspects that you need to plug into your consideration.

Home Interiors Proportion

home interior ideas

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We’ve all purchased furniture that looks good in the showroom, but somehow doesn’t go well with the rest of the living room. You can use the widely applicable golden ratio, as a guide to organise space and colours. Here’s the idea – a ratio of 60:40 in organizing furniture. It means that furnishings should occupy approximately 60% of the room and floor space.


home lighting ideas

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Poor lighting can make even the best of homes look drab. The right mix of ambient, accent and task lighting, will elevate design. Soft/warm white lights within the range of 2000-4000 lumens (60 watts is the equivalent 800 lumens, are best suited for setting the ambiance. Accent lighting is used to draw attention to an art piece or a particular corner, and must be lit three times more than the rest of the room. Task lamps can be used for workspaces, and are ideally placed to the right side of the seating.

Home Interior Layout

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There are interior designers in Chennai, who can help you plan your home layout, so you can avoid the cost and effort of remodeling. For example, a layout that facilitates unhindered movement in the kitchen is the standard ‘work triangle’ setup. A triangular positioning between the cooking top, sink and the refrigerator is ideal, as it is unobtrusive to the workflow.

Interior Colours

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The need to colour coordinate furniture and fabrics can’t be stressed enough. When choosing the colour palette, the ratio 60:30:10 can be a reference, to lay out complementary colours for the room accents. For example, use a mellow primary colour, like cream-white, for 60% of the room. Add a complementary secondary colour, like walnut-brown for 30%. And finally a contrasting accent colour, such as royal blue, for the remaining 10%.
Now that you’re all caught up, we encourage you to break the holy grail of design philosophies, as you see fit! The best interior design, is one which makes you feel truly at home.