4 kids bedroom design ideas to inspire you

Believe us when we say, we know how difficult it is to pick a theme and see it through for your kid’s bedroom. There is no dearth of decor choices, and putting together the pieces can be difficult. We have gathered some of the internet’s finest and most creative kid’s bedroom ideas, to help you create a wonderland for your children.

Evergrowing Nest

bedroom ideas for kids

Image Source: Pinterest

We can’t help but fall in love with how simple and safe this kids bedroom looks, with its subtle balance of yellows and greens. The bed pictured here can be customised to suit your child’s growing needs. Once your toddler outgrows the crib, it can be reassembled into a cot. These custom-made beds are definitely within the imagination of the best interior designers in Chennai, who can help you craft just what you want.

Treehouse For Kids Bedroom

treehouse bedroom for kids

Image Source: Pinterest

We are pretty sure that a treehouse is not just your child’s dream. Also many of us adults have harbored the dream to build a tree house, thanks to literature and popular cinema. Such a proposition is impractical in today’s urban apartment landscape. But you can always let your child have their own treehouse, at the comfort of their bedroom.

Cosy Den

kids bedroom design ideas latest

Image Source: Pinterest

Honestly, we haven’t seen a better use of bedroom space than this one. This setup doubles up as a bed and storage, with a little swing thrown in for reading and re-reading Tintin comics, we’d imagine. Blue is predominantly used, and space is bright because of the generous swathes of orange and yellow.

Wunderkind Corner

kids bedroom design with teepee

Image Source: Pinterest

This space has our hearts, with its tent-like piece to kindle the imagination, and a practical bed, as an alternative. The green palette is balanced with warm tones. A room like this is sure to be a place of wonder, to dream and create.
You should definitely get your kids word in, before choosing the room’s theme. It is, after all, going to be their den!