10 Stunning Tile Designs Ideas for your Home

Flooring is the ultimate interior design feature, where much of the aesthetics of your home take shape. They are a dynamic and interesting way to give life to any space. These 10 tile design styles are sure to inspire you!

Timeless Classic Tile Design

classic tile designs

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This classic black and white makes for a grand entry, and is a statement piece in itself! Decorate your foyer with ornamental wooden pieces, to complete the look.

Edwardian Hallway Tile Designs

These encaustic clay tiles are as regal as they are durable. Hallways are a great place to incorporate this design, as the style is suited for areas seeing higher footfall.

Funky Chevron Tile Designs

funky chevron tile design

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Chevron patterns give you scope for experimenting with colour palettes. Make sure to tone down the rest of the room, keeping the tiles as the focus.

You can go in for a subtle mood palette, such as this white, brown and grey pattern.
Or you could go for this contrasting but complementary colour palette of blue and white, balanced by earthy browns and greys.

Drawing The Line

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This open floor plan has the kitchen laid with hexagonal tiles. This area is cordoned off from the living area, with the latter having wood-like diagonal tiles.

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Or the room sections can gradually give way to the other, by choosing complementary colours like brown and beige.

Moroccan Dream Tiles

Moroccan dream Tiles

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We are dreaming of faraway lands, with this intricate blue and yellow mosaic shower unit. Glazed ceramic tiles are excellent for bathroom walls – easy to clean and maintain!

Eclectic Splash Tile Design

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This tile pattern of mustard, yellow and grey adds a splash of restrained quirkiness to this otherwise minimal bathroom unit..

Hexagonal Cut-Outs Tiles

hexagonal cut out tile designs

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This hexagonal-tiled wall was made for this bathroom, with its random wood-like accents. The whites and greys also complement the contemporary fittings really well.

Mexican Motifs Tile designs

Mexican Motif tile designs

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This intricate hand-painted Mexican Talavera ornamentation on the staircase has our hearts. If you love this pattern too, you can consult interior designers in Chennai, to explore incorporating this unique motif in your home.

Geometrical Stand-Out Tile Designs

geometrical tile designs

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These kitchen tiles read like a visual story; the detailed geometrical patterns swathed in pretty colours. The kitchen cabinets and backsplashes are toned-down and thus making the floors the star of the show.

Technicolour Spin Tile Patterns

technicolor tiles

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You can also go in for a petite floral concept, like this one.!
Let your inspiration run free, but when it comes to flooring, the bigger picture is what matters.! Employing home interior designers in Chennai will definitely help bring the room together, yielding beautiful results!