Every kitchen has a story to tell. It has been the heart of a home for centuries together, and continues to be the place of expressions and impressions. It is where artists are born, happiness is baked, and conversations are stirred. No matter how much we enjoy dining out or ordering in, the kitchen remains central to a happy home and a family. We also hear tales of how dreams were realised and fortunes made from the humble beginnings of a home kitchen.

But where to invest and how to save money are significant questions that linger. Poor techniques could lead to a distasteful kitchen, while the right kind of investment could make for an upscale and indulgent lifestyle with equally functional aesthetics.

Here are our top 10 favorite suggestions to overhaul your kitchen.

Bare basics

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Backsplashes are a great place to start. A simple coat of moisture resistant paint in elegant colors work just as well as coated glass tiles. Get a standout kitchen and save aplenty with this simple idea!


Perforated hardboards (pegboards) help give your space an uncluttered look by allowing you to hang up your tools. Modular kitchens in Chennai are investing cleverly in pegboards that act as simple backsplash designs, and keep things immaculate.

Over the top

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Investing in a quality countertop is a smart choice. The backbone of a kitchen needs to be sturdy, elegant and easy to work on. Always prioritize functionality over aesthetics for spaces you use the most. Top off a simple stone with some laminate for a sophisticated upgrade that is light on the pockets.

Sink it in

Sinks are subject to significant wear and tear, so choose a durable, metal solution that is easy to clean and more importantly, disinfect. Interior designers in Chennai often can help you identify the best brands, some that come with inbuilt garbage disposal units.

 Handle with care

One element often overlooked while planning modular kitchens in Chennai is hardware. The secret sauce of the kitchen kingdom happens to be the hinges, handles and other hardware tools. Spending more on quality handles and hinges opens room for a durable and long-standing kitchen.

A box-office hit

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Opting for box shelves that masquerade as wall cabinets, without the expense of doors is increasingly becoming popular with interior designers in Chennai. A box shelf gives the kitchen a chic outlook on a budget.

Pro Tip – Lining up the box shelves with decorative tiles provides instantly fashionable aesthetics.

Classy Cabinets

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Unless the inside of a cabinet is carefully built to stand the test of time, with heavy usage, they will need to be replaced. Carcass (framework) cabinets on the other hand, last a long time and are worth the extra cash.

Sustainable Happiness

Energy-saving appliances are the need of the hour. Appliances that are used on a regular basis tend to drive up electricity bills, while energy-efficient tools are better alternatives for a nifty, well-oiled kitchen. Don’t skimp out on appliances that are safe for your home and the environment.

Pro Tip – Maximize your space by having wall-mounted units to store your appliances.

From making floors the hero of a kitchen to switching it up with best-fit fabrics, there is so much more to designing a kitchen. Vibrant Spaces allows for every modular kitchen to tell a story of its own. Tell us yours!